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The first company in Australia to provide consumers with online access to credit reports.

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free credit report

Check your Credit Report

If you’ve been declined credit, or are just curious to see your credit report, you’ve found the right place.

Get your Free Credit Report based on data from Veda, by trialing our credit report monitoring service for 30 days.

Everything is explained in plain English - find out how to correct any errors, or how to improve your credit, with free help from our easy-to-access expert team. Regular monitoring of your credit report can also help prevent identity fraud.

You can cancel at any time during your free 30 day trial. Or if you don't cancel, we'll charge you just $39.95 after 30 days and every quarter afterwards. All you have to do to cancel your trial, or your subscription, is to send us a secure message via our Contact Us page.

Or, instead of trying our credit monitoring service free for 30 days, you can purchase an expert analysis of your Veda credit report. We'll give you an independent report of what everything means, what your credit score and credit rating is, and give you advice on correcting any errors, which can have a devastating impact on your lifestyle.

Click below for the service that suits you best, or if you need any help at all, contact us using our secure message centre - so much safer than by email.

Free Credit Report

Trial our credit report monitoring service free for 30 days.

Free Credit Report


What's included? Price $39.95 per quarter - first 30 days FREE

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Credit Report Analysis

Independent analysis of what's held on your Veda credit report.

Credit Report Analysis Veda

No nonsense, professional help.

What's included? Price $24.95

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Why thousands are using checkmyfile

We were the first company in Australia to provide online access to credit reports.

Why use checkmyfile

Our trained analysts provide expert advice on how to correct errors and guard against identity theft.

free credit report

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