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The first company in Australia to provide consumers with online access to credit reports.

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Check your credit report - Credit Report Analysis

See the information that Australia's lenders see when you apply for credit, simply by selecting your Credit Report Analysis based on either Dun & Bradstreet or Veda data your full credit report.

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Why have your credit report analysed by independent experts?

  • The first time you obtain a Credit Report Analysis based on Dun & Bradstreet data, it's completely free.
  • If you find an error or don't understand anything, you can email us for help.
  • We'll present your credit reports in exactly the same format so you can compare them easily.
  • We analyse your credit reports to show you what's good, bad, missing or potentially wrong.
  • We'll work out your credit score and credit rating.
  • We'll use your credit rating to help you find lenders most likely to say 'yes' to you.

If you then wish to upgrade to our Credit Report Monitor service, we'll automatically obtain your credit reports on your behalf quarterly so you can keep watch on how your credit report changes over time, so you know when it's time to apply for cheaper credit and you can also keep watch against identity theft.

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Credit report Australia

The most extensive credit report analysis and monitoring service in Australia. Ideal if you wish to keep tabs on your reports and guard against impersonation fraud.

Monitor your credit report

Keep an eye on your Veda report for less than $15 per month.

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