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Helping you to get and understand your credit file

The first thing to know about checkmyfile is that we are totally independent of the credit reference agencies. We champion consumer rights to get access to credit reports. We use our considerable expertise to help you to sort out credit report errors.

We're totally on your side. We don't sell your information, or your email address, to anyone. We don't have any business customers. We only help consumers. That puts us in a very unique place in the credit reporting industry in Australia.

Your personal information is held by credit reference agencies that get the data from many different sources.

Since 2014, this now includes detailed information about how you have repaid your credit commitments. The credit reference agencies have no way of checking that any of the information they sell about you is correct. But you have a legal right to obtain the information that the credit reference agencies hold about you. You then have a right to check it and, if necessary, to put errors right.

The credit agencies offer fairly quick access to credit reports. But it's important to know, right from the start, that there really is no heed to be in a hurry. Don't pay around $50 to get your credit report. This is because the information that credit reference agencies sell about you is not held in real time. It's often many weeks, if not months old - and the way it is presented to you isn't easy to understand.

If you go down the free route, the credit reference agencies take up to 10 days to send your report to you by post and the format isn't exactly consumer friendly. It's a mystery to us why the Australian credit reference agencies can't provide consumers with free and instant access to easy-to-understand credit reports over the internet as is the case in the UK and in the USA.

So that's where we come in. Since 2007 we have been helping Australians like you to access their credit reports, then helping to explain what everything means and storing the information securely online for you.

We were the first company in Australia to put credit reports online. We then re-order credit reports automatically and update your online record, so that you can keep a handle on what is being added to your credit report, and be on the lookout for things that shouldn't be on there, such as credit report errors, or fraudulent activity.

Checkmyfile.com.au is run by Checkmyfile Pty Ltd. Our registered office is Suite 146, 199 Toorak Rd, South Yarra, VIC 3141. We are a registered Australian company under the Corporations Act 2001 and are registered in Victoria, Australian Company Number 126 743 271.

If you are looking to send your Credit Report in to us for analysis, you can fax it to us on 03 8648 5964, scan and email it to us at customer.care@checkmyfile.com.au or send it by post to us at Checkmyfile, PO Box 161, Erskineville, NSW 2043.

Checkmyfile isn't new to credit reports. In the UK, checkmyfile.com was the first website to give UK consumers online and instant access to their credit reports. We've helped over 3 million consumers worldwide to put their credit report data online, and we were the first in the World to give consumers access to their credit scores.

Some of our staff have been working with the sharing of credit history data on credit reports since 1983 - more than 30 years before the concept has been introduced to Australian credit reports. We know what the likely issues are, where the problems will be, what to look out for. And best of all, we're right at your side, ready to champion your rights to get your credit report, and to help you to understand it, identify problems and to put any errors on your credit report right.

Using our Credit Monitoring service, you can keep them right, so you'll always be confident that the information that lenders use to assess you for credit will be correct in every way.

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