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Public Record Information

Check for Public Record Information such as Bankruptcy, Judgments and Summonses

If over the past five years you have been subject to court action over fines or debt, or have been made insolvent, or think there may be other Public Record Information on your Credit Report, these will be undoubtedly having a detrimental effect on your Credit Score and Credit Rating.

Is there bankruptcy on your credit report?

1. See all Public Record Information

Information on any Summons, Judgment, Bankruptcy, Deed Arrangement or Personal Insolvency Arrangement obtained from the Courts and the Australian Financial Security Authority (AFSA) will appear on your Credit Report and can be viewed by anyone searching you at a credit reference agency.

2. Get the information you need quickly

See the current status of any Public Record Information - for example, if you've moved house, check to see if any Judgment has been recorded that you're unaware of, or, for known Judgments, whether a Judgment is shown as paid or satisfied.

3. Clickable help for Public Record Information jargon

Get detailed explanations of any of the jargon used when reporting Public Record Information and discover the impact that each item of Public Record Information has on your credit standing.

Is there court information on your credit report?

Find out how to challenge Public Record Information

To correct any error in your Public Record Information or to update it, you'll usually need to have advice from the plaintiff or the plaintiff's solicitor, or supporting documentation from the Australian Financial Security Authority (AFSA).

We'll guide you on what you'll need and what you have to do.

See when each Public Record Information expires

Graphics showing time remaining until each Judgment or Insolvency action is removed from your Credit Report.

When are court judgments due to be removed?

View your Judgment history

See the extent of Judgments over the last five years - and any recorded as having been satisfied.

Judgment Removal Forecast

Using our calendar, see when each Judgment will automatically be removed from your Credit Report.

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Our team has many years' experience of helping our customers to resolve issues, correct errors and understand the information held about them by the credit reference agencies.

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Customer Reviews

See what lenders see when they check you out – and a lot more besides. The scope for Credit Report errors increases as more and more information is added to your Credit Report, but the onus for checking what's right lies with you.
It's not a one-time thing either. Once you know it's right, our Credit Monitoring Service will help keep it right.

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We take the absolute minimum of personal details that we need to order your Credit Report. We don't ask you for your telephone number, or mother's maiden name.

You can pay from the widest choice of payment mechanisms available. Our prices are clear and upfront - and where you have a choice of payment frequency, the default is always the cheapest option.

To make sure that we only provide your Credit Report details to you, before we can give you instant online access we try to authenticate you by asking you a series of questions that only you should know the answers to. Should you fail, we send a special code to you by First Class Mail so you can access your Credit Report the next business day.

Once you've seen your Credit Report, any questions you have will be welcomed by our professionally qualified Credit Analysts - you can contact us on our Freephone number, by email or using our Secure Message system, as you prefer.

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