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Our Credit Report Monitoring service features:

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Your Right to Information

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You have a right to obtain a copy of your Credit Report from any credit reporting agency.

The credit reporting agency cannot charge you a fee for giving you your credit report, unless you ask for your report to be delivered before 10 business days.

We don't think it is worth paying for getting your Credit Report more quickly than that, as the information on your Credit Report is not held in real time, and most of it is some weeks out of date.

Contact details are as follows:

Equifax (formerly Veda): MyCreditFile.com.au (Equifax) - Phone: 1300 762 207

D&B: CheckYourCredit.com.au - Phone: 1300 734 806

Experian: Experian Credit Services- Phone: 1300 783 684

Tasmanian residents can also contact the Tasmanian Collection Service - Phone: (03) 6213 5555

Accepted Payment Methods: VISA and MasterCard

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